Are Smartphones Taking Over?

It never stops does it? Before I get used to my new technology device, out comes another one. Few months ago I was still getting used to my iPhone 4, and out came iPhone 4S. Infact the cues to get the new phone was endless both over the phone and on ground that I thought, where is this all going?

Listening to a teaching one day, the teacher of the word gave us a reference scripture to anchor the sermon of the day and all most were doing were checking their ‘smart phones’ for the scripture. I was among them, feeling very updated and technologically sound with my smartphone which seem to make it easier to search the scriptures and take notes on the same device until I had a situation where I had no smartphone to turn to.

My ability to search the scripture, knowing where to turn to was greatly being affected by this ‘smartphone’. I seem to now depend solely on this device to show me where the scripture is and this was the height of brain laziness (talking to myself)

Smartphones are a nice to have, but not needed for everything we do. Imagine searching the scripture on your Bible Apps and then in comes a notification on your Facebook App  and a message on your inbox and then a ‘where are you?’ from your whatsapp and then a ‘trending now’ from your twitter? Unless you are seriously disciplined and very very focused on the reason you are in church or at a bible teaching, the temptation to quickly check any of this apps or all of these apps is high and this now inevitably clashes with you searching the verse in the bible apps or listening to the teaching in itself.

If your finger offends you, cut it off. Or use any other virtuous violence (Matthew 11:12) that sets you free to rivet your soul on God.

So, I ask, ‘Are Smartphones Taking Over’? I could see that my mobile phones bible apps was taking over my ability to search the bible and to stay focused in church and I just got rid of the app; I began taking my physical bible to church and thankfully, my ability to find chapters and verses have slowly been restored back to me. I still guard myself from all these apps and I am very mindful of what they can do to me. I am still reviewing the need of installing social networking apps on my device.

So ask yourself, have your smartphone become smarter than you?



2 Responses to “Are Smartphones Taking Over?”
  1. Bonny says:

    This is very true! The more we create ways to make our lives comfortable, the more distractions we produce from actually living a focused life, where Studying God’s word or perhaps focusing on the important matter at hand takes a back seat.

  2. Laura says:

    Very well said!

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