Field Work

We are involved in several activities, our field work includes:

Charity: With our Extended Arm of God (EAG) program, we support as the needs arise. We particularly assist single mothers, widows, orphans, the poor, the homeless and the oppressed in several areas providing as much comfort as we are able in their every day life. All projects are pockets of supports located by our team and volunteers at the moment and we are hoping to expand EAG as resources become more available. EAG is based on Isaiah 58:6-7, Job 29: 15-17, Luke 14: 12-14 and James 1: 27

Teaching: Acts 11:26 states clearly the need to be taught the Word of God, we see this as a very key and important factor that is lacking in our cities and society today. We undertake biblical teaching and bible study to empower the saints to build their world, by the Word of God and to awaken the spirit of God in their daily living. Watch out for our events and churches we visit for teachings. Register your details to be contacted about our next teaching

Prison Visits: As part of the Prison Outreach Network in the UK, we are active in Prison visits as well as the inmates support programs where biblical teaching, mentoring, general support and encouragement is administered to inmates. The vision of our prison visit is to teach inmates the scriptures as instructed in Matthew 28:19 and also as a form of transformation for renewal of mind. Inmates need the support of the church, we encourage you to support where ever
you are.

Teen Day Seminar: Our exciting teen day seminar deals with music, relationships, responsibility and church. Teenagers have enjoyed this seminar in the past and have learnt why they should not be a statistic of violence, why they matter in the society and more importantly how to live life as a child of Christ in the world they face today. Please register your details to be contacted about our next teen event.