Extended Arm of God

EAG (Extended Arm of God) is a giving and supporting arm of DV SOUL, created to support orphans, the homeless, single parents and other failed sections of our society.

Created with Isaiah 58 in mind, we aim to prayerfully select a need, working with a group or several groups to alleviate poverty, remove hardship, failure or pain and replace with a working solution through the love and examples Christ left.

In other words, we aim to put a smile on someone’s face, transform lives, change destiny by the grace of God and with your help.

How to get involved

We solicit your help in order to support and fill the needs of several projects as they come to our attention. Knowing that there are so many pockets of needs across the world and though it sometimes feels like we are a little drop of water in an ocean, we believe many groups such as ours are out there doing what we do and with your help, change will come.

We will need your support with money, clothing, books and skills or in any way you can assist us to meet a need in any of our projects. We will normally contact you via email to solicit your help when these projects come to us. Please register your details via eag@dvsoul.org.uk and remember to pray for us.


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