Advantages of Accountability

Titus TruthsDear friends,

Do you often find yourself in situations you simply have little strength to accomplish? I read this devotion/article from Dr Charles Stanley and it reminded me of steps I need to take to increase my accountability to things of the Word. I hope it blesses you as you read.


Far too often, people fall into a trap by ignoring wise boundaries of personal freedom. Then good situations can turn into bondage. But a godly accountability partner can help you enjoy privilege without abusing it. The benefits are plentiful:

Clearer direction. Honesty about faults and failures will open you to receive right counsel and encouragement. This process will increase your potential to do and become all that God has in mind for you.

Increased integrity. If you have to give an account to somebody, you’re more likely to live transparently.

Better stewardship. Accounting for the way you use your money, time, or talent makes you careful not to waste those resources.

Protection against excess. As believers, we’re free in Christ, but an accountability partner helps us to stay balanced and refrain from taking liberties.

Healthy self-examination. Another person can often point out what we cannot see in ourselves. When we allow someone to be an accurate mirror of our faults, we’re in a better position to make improvements.

Safeguard against unwise relationships. If you have to give an account of where you go and which people you spend time with, you’ll be more likely to avoid problematic places and relationships.

Unbridled freedom may seem like a great blessing, but it can be a recipe for disaster. Do you give account to anybody for the way you handle money, time, and relationships? If not, consider inviting a trustworthy Christian to fill that role. Taking this step reveals a heart that longs to please God.

Reference scripture: Hebrews 10 verse 24

Source: In Touch Ministries Daily Devotional.


Is It Always Greener On the Other Side?

On a recent trip to the States, I stopped by to see a friend in Houston and we both attended her church. It was youth week and I was so amazed, intrigued and blessed by what the youths showcased, every part was excellently delivered. The theme was ‘Ordinary People Doing Extra Ordinary Things’. So you get a taste of it, here is an article by one of the youth ministry members, I just had to share it.


It’s funny. Things always look better when you are on the outside looking in. Like we look at sin when we live in the light. The contrast is so attractive to our conscious that it bypasses our contacts; I mean our conscience, to invite us, to entice us. To device the lies it advertises with, making us think that dark is light and that our light is darker than what he offers. Odd right? But the devil messes with our sight, our light, our mind, making it dim, so we can’t see him for who he really is. He steals, he kills and he destroys, but he is so coy that we rejoice as we are blinded, now nearsighted to his works.

He steals our sorrow away, yes, but only for a day, and then at night he gives you weeping, and what he stole returns tenfold till the soul can no longer hold it. But we still believe we are in control. Yes he kills all our cries and all our sighs are gone, but that high never goes past the sky, but comes to stab you in the eyes, like a log, that blinds you from yourself but helps you see and judge the soil in another’s. But we still think the reins are ours to hold. He destroys every iota of our desire to go back to light, enchanting us with the perfumes of adultery and the colognes of fornication. See, he senses that our senses control the wellbeing of our human beings, not the spirit.

We invite him in believing that we can control the devil and God, servicing both, but giving no devotion to one or the other. We don’t love God; we love what he gives to us, not caring what he is to us, or what he did for us. We still yearn for our former love even though He was our first. When we were in sin and knew we couldn’t win, we didn’t find it hard to ask God to step in. Now God wants to move in and clean every bit of sin from our hearts and we want a time out.

We want to love God but cheat about with the devil on the side. We want to have God on the outside of our lives, as a new coat of paint to cover the chips and scars caused by housing sin on the inside. WHAT A BIG LIE!!

When the effects of the defects the devil helps enhance begin to weigh in, we realize that we were never in control, the reins were never ours to hold, that we were choked with the weeds of corruption that we allowed to grow tall, and that we puffed the weed of destruction we felt high, when we were really taken to our fall.

So remember: some things look better from the outside looking in, but being extraordinary sometimes means realizing that God is so much better than sin. Allow him to pull us out. If we don’t, we will spend eternity away from God, sinking to the bottom and withering and waning and dying, with no hope of coming back.

Article by Tomi Ifelayo; Youth Ministry, RCCG, Restoration Chapel, Houston.

Art Credit: Bill Osborne


Friends, Finding Jesus starts with a simple prayer, say this aloud with me;

Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

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Tango With Me- A Must See

Talking Drum Entertainment has broken the grounds in new age cinema experience when it comes to Black content films with recent focus on Nollywood Movies. I am honoured to be among the few Independent Film Analysts that get to preview movies and I give my analysis without bias to TDE.

Pre-viewing the edited version of ‘Tango with Me at an exclusive London location brought a sense of reality to what real couples go through today. Mr Ali Balogun has taken a situation and made it so enjoyable yet educational for couples who may have such issues from the onset of marriage.

A lot of issues are raised in this movie and I admire the way the movie looked at the issues encountered from both the male and female perspective, giving it an all rounded 360 degrees attention.

There are always solutions to issues and the movie explores how choices we make, either positive or negative, influence the solutions and impact our life. Ms Genevieve Nnaji enveloped her part as expected, giving the audience her most sensitive acting to date. The lead actor and new sweet heart for our screens, Mr Benjamin; delivered his act professionally so did Mrs Joke Silva and all acts casted.

Tango with me sheds light on what culture and tradition frowns at, Nollywood is embracing real issues and addressing them, something long needed in the black movie industry.

Tango with Me is showing in UK cinemas in Aug 2012; I will be watching it yet again, will you?


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