WAR ROOM- The Movie

WRHave you ever wondered how best to deal with certain situations practically? Wonder no more. War Room is a clear depiction on what prayers can do when you engage in it with all your heart, mind, body and soul.

It has a simple story with a powerful act and teaching about what the power of prayer can do when we give our time and space to this singular act of communication.

War room is available to purchase on Amazon and other retail outlets.


CURE – Bringing Hope to Millions

CURE brings hope to millions and can do so a lot more with your assistance… please support the vision

A brief history about CURE:

CURE International comes straight from the hearts of the founders, Dr. Scott and Mrs. Sally Harrison. It started with an invitation.

In 1986, Dr. Harrison, a successful orthopedic surgeon and international businessman, was asked to perform spine surgery and teach Read more