RACE- The Movie

RaceI saw this movie and it gave me the understanding of how you can be limited by what the world thinks should be right or wrong. Reflective from both the racial angle and the competition perspective, this movie is based on the true story of the Olympic gold medalist, Jesse Owens. It is a movie that will kick start that winning attitude you need even when all around you is proving negative.

I learnt that God gives us all equal opportunities. It does not matter who you are, where you are from or what you even do. We are all chosen to be used as a vessel by God.

Race can be purchased on Amazon and other Film Retail Outlets.

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Introducing….Aaron Sledge

ASI got introduced to Aaron’s music while listening to Jesus House Radio. The song on play was ‘Thank You” and the lyrics spoke to where I am at the moment with my walk in Christ.

The music ministry of Aaron Sledge has a unique and definitive purpose, and though it entails much, it can be summed up in just a short brief statement. The mission of the music is to RESCUE & RECOVER those that are lost, those that have been wounded, and those that feel that they have exhausted every avenue of changing their lives.

The sound of the music that God has given Aaron can be referred to as OXYGEN MUSIC, given life, giving breath, and giving hope to a new genre of music. Aaron Sledge has 2 albums titled ‘Timeless’ and Did it for me’ with Thank You being a single release.

His songs speak life to wherever you find yourself. Purchase on Amazon, iTunes

Listen to Thank You and tell us what you think.

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