Truth Hurts but Deception KILLS!!

UK Gospel Rapper, Jahaziel, reps the Kingdom for real in his rap style and lyrics. The rap below was done freestyle by him, the words are deep, convicting and powerful. Its titled ‘Be Not Deceived’. Listen here while you read through the lyrics.


Verse 1:
Yo, check the deal
I was passing through strutting hill
On my way home just looking to rest and chill
When I see this brazed face I remembered well
From school days, cuz we were like brethren still
I said “What go on?”
He asked “What’s the deal?”
I said “I’m saved now. Can’t play down how blessed I feel.”
He’s like “What? You still rep for real?”
I said “Bro, I flow better now. God done blessed my skill.”
Now I serve up words that refresh and heal
No joke lemme tell you Jesus is real
Come to church, Sunday service ends at twelve
He paused and said “One day I guess I will.
But right now though, I’m try to collect some bills so I can snatch mad honies and some Lexus wheels.”
I don’t wanna preach death and kill the guys pleasure but this message I’m impressed to spill.

So, dude told me how he met this girl
Seen her in the club from a distance cuz she was dressed to kill
Had on clothes but most of her flesh revealed
And bro couldn’t say no to the sex appeal
I was like “Woah, sex ain’t against His will but God said the two must connect and build.”
It’s called marriage.
That’s when you get fulfilled
When sex becomes much more than just a thrill
Besides, sleeping around can get you killed
That’s when he smiled like my words didn’t fit the bill
He said “I had no protection but I pressed her still cuz she said that she was on a contraceptive pill.”
Now that’s when I felt to preach and stress the deal
The bible says fornicators take steps to Hell
He was like “I don’t care man, the sex was ill.”
Little did he know what he just said was real
Cuz after a while he checked his health and the doctor said his chances of a long life is next to nil.
And there’s a lesson if you listen well
And it’s this – Truth hurts but deception kills
Be not deceived


Art credit: Bill Osborne

Jahaziel is on youtube, iTunes, and his ‘Ready to Live’ album is available on



2 Responses to “Truth Hurts but Deception KILLS!!”
  1. Jahaziel is an excellent EXCELLENT lyricist and this right here is just a MUST read!! Thanks so much for sharing! God bless ya!

  2. Anuli says:

    I concur.His rap is real,the guy is talking truth (like the youths of London say :-))

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